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Transform your fitness, make connections, and have fun with our high-energy group training workout classes.

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Class Structure

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1. Warm Up

A mix of body weight exercise such as jump roping, squats, lunges, burpees, and more to get your heart pumping.

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2. Stretching

After getting your body warmed up, we focus on stretching your different muscle group to prevent injury and prepare you for the heart of the workout.

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3. Bag Work

Grab your gloves and prepare to burn those calories through some exciting punch and kick combinations.

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4. Strength Training

Put down the gloves and pick up the weights as we focus on different muscle groups like chest, arms, back, legs, glutes, or abs depending on the day.

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5. Cooldown

You made it! Now it is time to let your heart rate reduce and celebrate dedicating 50 mins to yourself and improving your fitness.

Why Group Fitness?

Our signature Group Fitness Classes are one of a kind and are great for individuals at all skill levels. Every day you’ll do a challenging workout that combines the most effective kickboxing techniques, a curated musical playlist, and a class environment lead by our Best-In-Class Trainers that will leave you wanting more and more. We track your intensity and heart rate through our Fitmetrix wearable, which will keep you motivated to push to burn those extra calories. Our 50 min sessions lead to lasting community relationships which will keep you accountable and support you through your fitness journey.

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Expert Coaches

All of our coaches must pass a rigorous certification process before leading group classes. This ensures that you stay safe and injury-free.

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At Roundhouse our goal is to change how people view cardio. Through our up-tempo classes, dynamic music playlist, and entertaining LED lighting, many of our clients say that they look forward to coming to the gym for the first time in their life. We make sure you never dread cardio again!

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Group fitness provides you with an instant network of training partners to hold you accountable and cheer you on when the going gets tough.

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Our routines are constantly varied, so you can do them for years on end without plateauing. This is a routine you can stick to day in and day out, which will give you the results you’re looking for.

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