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Our Owners

Jordan McCray and Mario Richards owners of Roundhouse Kickboxing

Jordan McCray


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Jordan grew up in the Lithonia/Stone Mountain area and graduated from Miller Grove High School in Dekalb County. He went on to attend the University of Georgia, where he completed a B.B.A in Marketing and Professional Selling. The last 9 years he has lived in New York where he graduated from Long Island University earning an M.B.A and truly developed his love for fitness.

Jordan passion for fitness derives from successfully conquering his own struggle with weight fluctuation, once over 300 pounds, where he once worked out 5-6 times a week but did not see lasting results. After years of unsuccessful fad diets and 90-day fitness workout programs, Jordan finally broke through once he realized to reach his goals it took being patient enough to take it one pound at a time, having the discipline to not give up, doing workouts you do not dread, and sustaining realistic diets that included cheat meals.

Those are the principles he wants to bring to his hometown of East Atlanta through Roundhouse Kickboxing to help others who may have fell short in the past, like himself, reach their fitness goals, and see long-term change!

Mario Richards


As an alumni of the University of Georgia, I have lived in and around Atlanta almost all of my life. I love this city and I have always wanted to give back to the place, and the people who have inspired and shaped me. For years, I struggled to reach my personal fitness goals. In trying to reach these goals, I tried everything from field sports and weight lifting, to circuit training and crossfit with little or temporary success.

So what better person to teach you how to punch and kick than me. Kickboxing helped me to get into shape and I love helping pSo I can say firsthand that out of all of the different types of fitness programs, Kickboxing combined with Nutrition Accountability, has without a doubt proven to be the most fun, invigorating and successful training solution. We are so excited to share this transformative Roundhouse Kickboxing fitness experience with you.

At Roundhouse, we have designed programs tailored to ensure that you have everything you need to reach and maintain your fitness goals, while having an absolute blast doing it. To ensure your success, Roundhouse is equipped with the most innovative coaches, licensed trainers, equipment and wearable smart technology. We offer a brand new, state-of-the-art fitness environment, where you can have a great time with amazing, like-minded people, all striving to be better than ever before!

The time is now and we can’t wait for you to join us at Roundhouse.eople to use it as a tool to do the same for them. See you around the bags, where you will learn my personal Mantra “We slow down but we never stop!!”

Our Coaches



Hey I'm Courtney (@mrscourtneywoods) one of your coaches at Roundhouse. I work in the Real Estate Industry and previously ran fitness studios for 5 years. I have been boxing daily for the last two years and know it's been the best way to keep me in shape.

I will be your biggest hype woman and push you to be your best. Don’t underestimate my size though because as they say dynamite comes in small packages and will make you hate me now but love me later!



What up Round House Family! I'm Jermaine (@i_am_mac_maine5). I've been teaching High Intensity Internal Training. (H.I.I.T.) classes since 2014. During my ten years of active military services, I became a Green Belt Instructor via US Marine Corp Martial Arts Program.

I hope to share my passion for being healthy via feel good vibes, banging music, sweat and of course SMILES. LET GET IT!



What's up Roundhouse! I'm Coach Rod (@rodwisdom) I've been teaching group fitness for the past three years and have loved every second of it! In my classes, we will work hard but most importantly we will have fun! I always bring the high energy, and will always challenge you to push your limits.

Come get mentally and physically stronger with me, while learning WHOSE HOUSE it actually is! 🥊



Hey Fit Fam! I'm TC. Aka Coach Terrio or T Sizzle (T_Willis88). Whichever you prefer and can remember lol! I'm newer to the coaching scene, but what I lack in tenure I make up for with attention to detail and an athletic background. I grew up playing several sports down in the Southern Heat and Humidity.

From football, to track, to wrestling, and basketball. I’m pretty well rounded and very much a competitive, but team-oriented player.

I plan to bring a Player Coach mentality to my classes. Where I’d never ask my clients to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. Speaking of, I’m a Member of Roundhouse’s Founder’s Club, and an Original Member of the infamous 5 AM Crew!

Come work with me on reaching your fitness goals! I guarantee you’ll have fun, while jamming out, and pushing your body to limits that you didn’t know existed. I only ask for 2 things.. Energy and Effort. I’ll handle the rest. Let’s Get It!



Hey Everyone! I'm Coach Storm and I'm excited to be apart of this amazing community. I'm a dog trainer turned kickboxing Coach and I'm loving every second it. I'm pretty active and don't like to sit around very much. Some of my favorite activities to do are hiking, bike riding, lifting weights, and partake in dog sports.

As your Coach, my goal is to not only give you an awesome yet effective workout, but to also make sure you’re having fun doing it. I’m a positive thinker and will encourage everyone taking my class to think positively about themselves to push through class and hopefully throughout life. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and helping you crush your fitness goals



Whats up yall?! My name is Chris and I am a life long Martial Artist and Kickboxing fanatic. I am a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do under World TKD Federation World Champion, Kim S. Kim. I have also been training in Muay Thai for 8 years, currently under 2x IKF Heavyweight World Champion, Devorius Tubbs(@dtubbs13 ).

I am an amateur Muay Thai Fighter and love incorporating techniques that I use in the ring with my students! I kickbox to stay in shape but I also love it as a mental health booster! Lets build OUR HOUSE brick by brick (or I should say kick by kick) and get ya’ll in fight shape!



Hellooooo! My name is coach John, and I've been doing boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts for more than 30 years, and teaching group fitness classes for more than 20 years. A former pro kickboxer and stunt man, I have a genuine passion for good technique and personal growth, and am known for my energy, talent, and genuine self-expression. Being a colossal nerd, when I'm not punching people, I love dungeons and dragons, video and tabletop gaming, theater, and movies.



Hey! My name is Corrin and I am a 28 year old Fitness professional. I was born and raised in the City of Atlanta, Ga. I am an ACE Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. My athletic background includes competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, and performance arts dance. I've been instructing group fitness classes in ATL for the past 5 years. My coaching certification and experience includes a variety of formatting and techniques including Barre, HIIT, Circuit Training, Indoor Cycle, and Boxing.

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